• To help home buyers in buying houses in cost effective and efficient manner


  • To Attain & Maintain the leadership in establishing a level playing field for Buyers of high value assets in rationalized competitive Markets

Core Values

  • Agility - Enhancing efficiency with the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, endurance and stamina
  • Excellence - Pursue Excellence in all our endeavors and actions aligned with mission, vision and objectives of the company
  • Integrity - Consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome
  • Orientation - Relentless focus on goals we envisage and values we behold
  • Utility - Maximization of usefulness as moral criterion towards the organization and the society

HBC – Home buyers Combine is founded by the founders in order to provide an altogether new dimension to home buying to begin with and further expand it to the complete domain of group home buying in India.

Real Estate Transaction in India have been restricted to Estate Broking and Real Estate Consultants have been plainly representing the Builders and Developers. Thus, whether it is Real Estate Consultants or Property web portals, the Sellers’ Representatives currently dominate it. HBC is first such organization in India who represent homebuyers and that too the groups of homebuyers.

HBC aims and shall strive to be the premier group buying company in India who shall represent home buyers and bring greater benefits to the home buyers in the geographies it operates.


Founded by seasoned professionals in the field of property acquisition, procurement contracting and spend management, HBC’s principle founder – Nitin Degaonkar is a well qualified (Engineer - MBA) and experienced management professional. Armed with extensive experience of over 20 years in the field of business operations and proven leadership skills in various large Indian and Multinational Business Organizations, Nitin provides the leadership to HBC in all its endeavors. He is supported by highly qualified, integrated and motivated staff that strives for excellence in all activities of HBC.

The initiative was born out of concern for colleagues when Nitin Degaonkar moved to Pune in Infosys and observed the change in Pune Real Estate in five years since the time he had left the city due to professional commitments. There was great exploitation of ignorant home buyers at the hands of cartelized market. Nitin decided to take things in own hands and formed group within INFOSYS to hunt for a right kind of developer partner who was willing to play the ball with a WIN: WIN approach. Soon the group had a project on anvil and more and more people wanted to be part of this initiative. In order to take the concept to more and more buyers, Nitin moved from promising corporate career and founded Home Buyers Combine.