• What is HBC?
    Name is HOME BUYERS COMBINE. It is socio-economic set up with a mission to enable home buyers to purchase houses / real estate in a cost effective and efficient manner.
  • Who are the promoters?
    This is promoted by NITIN DEGAONKAR. He is Engineer MBA - a well qualified and experienced management professional.

    Armed with extensive experience of over 20 years in the field of commercial function and business operations and proven leadership skills in various large Indian and multinational business organizations like Atlas Copco, Coca-Cola, UB Group as well as Infosys, Nitin provides the leadership to HBC / Niche Ventures in all its endeavours.
  • Please explain the concept in detail?
    HBC offers unique service to Home Buyers where home / real estate requirements of individual buyers are collated and compiled in organized manner and residential housing projects are pitched for with competitive offers.

    Once no of buyers register the requirement giving details real estate like location, type of house and specifications and amenities desired by them with pricing range, these requirements are collated, classified (segregated) and clustered. With the cluster of 100 and multiples of that, we shall initiate project with reputed developers OR approach for a bulk offer in the ongoing or under launch real estate projects for the cluster of buyers with substantial price discount.
  • Explain how it is beneficial for buyers
    The registered member of HBC gets the cost benefit in the range of 10 to 20% on the market price of his house. For example the benefit would amount to anywhere from Rs.3 lacs to Rs.6 lacs for a house of Rs.30 lacs and the extent of such benefit will only increase as the price of the house goes higher As a group, the buyers are in a better position to ensure compliances of project to various regulations and can ensure that the project expedites in timely manner as well.

    Moreover, once the group is together, it can source many services together like lawyer, home loan and other things required for home that leads to economical price and other related benefits.
  • Explain how it is beneficial for developers.
    Developers can get a onetime booking of large no of units and hence happily willing to give such discount for all the home buyers in the cluster against sizeable down payment..

    It is in a manner that prelaunch offer is made for any real estate project. It is even more advantageous than such prelaunch offer as they get the genuine buyers with clean transactions.

    They also earn good reputation of being the customer oriented people in their business. Ironically most of developers of real estate projects who are important part of society and create homes for people are not a very popular entity and are looked upon mostly as villains of society. There are good developers in this business and they should be treated and honored like heroes of the society. HBC will help realizing that as well.
  • Describe the procedure
    * Register your requirement giving details of person and description of requirement including location, type, no of rooms, area in sq ft and also price range if possible.

    * Make choice from the proposed real estate projects on block at HBC that will be informed by email and call from our customer care executive.

    * Finalize your house with substantial cash benefits as per the terms finalized by HBC with the developer within given timeframe of 2 to 3 weeks and payment of down payment amount to developer as agreed in terms.

    * Time frame for finalizing – 3 to 4 months from time of notifying the requirement by the home buyer.
  • What is unique about this service?
    HBC stands for offering service of economical buying to the home buyers by innovation and integration. HBC is the only organization that represents home buyers as against various types of Real Estate Agents and portals that merely offer the properties for purchase to the general public. Thus HBC is purely customer oriented set up.

    HBC is completely different than a property portal / Real Estate Agents. HBC is not for searching properties but for people to come together for group deals. As its tagline suggests it is a representative of home buyers.
  • What are the registration charges?
    t is FREE! There are no charges for registration of the requirement by any home buyer on HBC Website.

    When the buyer gets a house of his liking with price benefit we will take only to 0.50 % of the price of house as service charge from the buyer. For example one buyer finalizes a house with a value of Rs.30 Lakh. We shall be happy to take from Rs.3000 to Rs. Rs.7500 as service charge from the buyer depending on no. of buyers in the particular project. We want buyers to value our service and hence this charge would be applicable.
  • Which all cities will the service start?
    We being Punekars and the place where a initial real estate projects are done, PUNE is the first city in which the service is operating. The service will be also started in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi in future the places where Nitin has worked in corporate world in responsible positions and has gained good understanding of the housing industry in these cities.
  • Have you done any pilot project before? If yes...Then please provide details of the same.
    We have already done a pilot project of about 200 houses which was more of a self-help initiative for professional colleagues. This first project is in vicinity of the Hinjewadi IT Park – on the Bangalore Pune Expressway and expected to be completed by end 2012. In this project, we are associated with one the most reputed developers and construction company. They are well known for quality and environmental initiatives. We have received exemplary support and cooperation from them while realizing this mission. Each of our members will be saving about Rs.5 lacs for 2BHK, Rs.7 lacs for 3BHK and Rs.10 lacs for 4BHK house individually. This amounts to benefit of Rs.11 crores for the entire group.

    As people gained knowledge of our pilot real estate project, we received enthusiastic participation of known as well as unknown people including those who are spread across the world. Therefore we have initiated another project of similar scope and scale and thought of HBC.
  • What are your future plans?
    This is a well thought out mission!

    There are so many people around the world from Pune in particular and India in general who are keen to buy houses in Pune. Similar is the case for other cities as well. However, due to obvious constraints and lack of genuine source to assist them in one of most important exercise in everybody’s life like home buying, we intend to offer this service to each person looking to buy house in the cities where we will operate – irrespective of his / her location and professional background.

    HBC’s mission is that of achieving multi-faceted success by enabling home buyers to purchase houses in a cost effective and efficient manner and offering delightful service experience to our customers. We will meet this goal while trying to consider;

    * Effect of our operation and innovation on serving the interests of the home buyers
    * Impact that our business practices and choices will have on the residential property market and
    * High quality of attitude, fairness, understanding, and sense of generosity between management, staff, customers and property developers.

    Awareness of all these factors and the responsible actions that result will give our efforts a sense of purpose and meaning beyond our basic vision.

    With value added offering to home buyers a large loyal customer base will be available to HBC. House buying is the most valued purchase exercise for the buyer. With the buying of house there are many subsequent things following ranging from furniture to appliances to automobile. There can be clustering of many other related items and services possible where HBC can offer an authentic value added service base for the patrons.


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