How does it work?

  • HBC takes requirements of individual buyers, collates and compiles them. Clusters of buyers are then created based on individual needs.
  • With these clusters, HBC initiates projects with reputed developers OR approaches developers for bulk offers in ongoing or under launch projects. It is different than the normal Real Estate Buy & Sell transactions.
  • HBC then negotiates substantial price discounts for each buyer. For example, in the first such large project, each of our 150 buyers saved between Rs.5 lacs to 10 lacs per house. More over we provide the real estate buy and sell tips to the buyers with understanding of costing, legal aspects etc.
  • HBC deploys expert advisory services for project selection, price benchmarking, legal opinions and quality standards adherence. For this, HBC has alliances with top consulting firms in respective fields helping home buyers have the bestof Real Estate Buying Tips.
  • HBC fees @ 0.5% max of the property value are payable by the buyer – only after securing the purchase through HBC.

What do I need to do?

As a potential buyer, your first step is to register with us, communicating to us your individual house buying interests and needs for real estate buy and sell transaction.

There are two scenarios post the registration.
  • Registration for project already on offer –
    Please visit our office / project site, and take necessary information of the project, availability status and price and make booking by paying initial booking amount.
    If you have selected an existing project, HBC customer care manager will communicate with you directly to provide you with detailed information including availability and price. You may also visit our office and the project site to confirm your booking by paying the initial booking amount.
  • B) Registration for new location / location other than our current projects on offer-
    At our end, we process the data of such registrations from the various buyers and form clusters of buyers with similarity of requirement for type of house and the location preference. Then we initiate the research for projects in market compatible with respective clusters for types and locations of house and negotiate with the developers with good reputation who have projects meeting the requirements. Once the project is finalized with substantial price benefit, HBC customer care manager will communicate with you directly. This entire process of real estate buy and sell takes about 2 to three months from the time of registering for a location. 
    HBC will take your requirements and process them along with requirements of other individual buyers. Collating and compiling this information, we will form clusters of buyers with similar requirements based on location and type of housing. HBC will then initiate research for projects compatible with buyer clusters. Our rigorous selection process will then identify trustworthy projects that meet buyer cluster requirements and negotiate a group discount with the developers. HBC customer care manager will communicate with you directly once the project is finalized with a substantial price benefit. This entire process takes about 2 to three months from the time of registering for a location.


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