What are the benefits for Buyers?

Substantial Cost benefits
Benefits for buyer range from 10 to 20% on the market price of the house. For example, for a house of Rs.30 lacs, the benefit would amount to between Rs.3 lacs to Rs.6 lacs. Higher the price of the house, the greater is the benefit. HBC with its successful projects has been key driver for Affordable Homes in Pune.
Simplified purchasing process
Buying Residential Property in India is not an easy task. With numerous projects on offer including good and not good, buyers has to face many challenges once he / she steps out to buy a house. HBC performs the research and goes through a rigorous selection process to find trustworthy projects. HBC has access to all important leads and information through its appointed expert consultants in fields of Market Research and Home Finance. We take care of all the negotiations to ensure you are getting an impressive and the most beneficial deal for affordable homes.
Greater accountability of project
HBC’s Panel of Architects, Structural Consultants, and Project Management & Legal Experts is available to independently monitor the progress of the project and deliver periodic updates to buyers. Thus HBC makes buying Residential Property a less challenging and more rewarding exercise for the home buyers.
Ability to extend volume discounts to other home buying services
The service and its benefits are not limited to buying Residential Property in Pune India. HBC aligns with Finance Companies and Banks for our home buyers, offering the most beneficial and flexible home finance options.

What is in it for Property Developers?

The Industry of Residential Property in India is also not a cake wall for the developers. Red tape, inadequate infrastructure, inconsistent policies of state makes this industry quite challenging for the developers as well. With HBC’s unique group buying program, Developers can get onetime booking of large number of units along with the down payment which reduces the uncertainties, risks and total gestation of the project for developers. Therefore they can offer significant discounts to each home buyer in the cluster against such cost mitigation. It is similar to, yet better than prelaunch offers often made to large investors by developers prior to starting a project. 

Developers can also earn goodwill and reputation of being customer oriented, innovative and trusted builders.

What Home buyers say about
HBC and Group Buying...

Nitin Degaonkar is leading the group ably and has been working tirelessly for the group. His sense of commitment is exemplary and always puts group’s interest above everything else.I have been recommending all my friends and relatives to join this group initiative
Mr. Hemant Deshpande

Nitin is not only working as a HBC leader but when ever require he helps beyond his responsibilities. The whole HBC team is very cooperative and supportive really appreciate their efforts for making our dream home comes true. Nitin, we really need you as a friend and as a experienced advisor ......
Kiran Deshmukh